Sept 16 Lecture – Mapping the Universe

Science at Cal Lecture Series

Mapping the Universe

with K.G. Lee 

Saturday September 16, 2017 at 11:00 AM
100  Genetics & Plant Biology, UC Berkeley
We live in a 13.7 billion year-old Universe populated by several trillion galaxies spanning billions of light years of space and time. Yet merely two hundred years ago, humanity did not know of this Universe outside of the Solar System. K.G. Lee will tell the story of how astronomers came to discover the true scale of the Cosmos, from Herschel’s attempts at mapping the Milky Way, to the discovery that the Milky Way is itself merely an ‘island Universe’ among many others, to the latest efforts at charting the three-dimensional structure of the ‘cosmic web’: the grandest structures in the Universe stretching over millions of light years.

Mapping the universe

K.G. Lee

Dr. K.G. Lee

Khee-Gan (“K.G”) Lee is a NASA Hubble Fellow based at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Originally from Malaysia, he obtained degrees from University College London and his doctorate from Princeton University before a stint as a postdoctoral fellow in Heidelberg, Germany. His research uses the largest optical telescopes in the world to map out gaseous structures in the distant Universe.

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