Science@Cal Lecture, April 2010

As part of UC Berkeley’s “Cal Day” open house on April 17, 2010, a talk was given by Prof. Gibor Basri, a UC Berkeley astronomer, entitled “The Kepler Mission: A Search for Earth-sized Planets”.
Hear about the ongoing “Kepler Mission” – a dedicated space telescope that searches for rocky planets around other stars using the “transit” method. Learn about how it works, some of the results so far, and how it will help determine whether we are alone in the galaxy or not.
Gibor Basri is a professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley, an expert in brown dwarfs, and a co-investigator on the Kepler mission. He has written nearly 200 technical publications, including numerous review articles. There are more than 7000 citations to his works. Professor Basri was awarded a Miller Research Professorship in 1997, and became a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer in 2000. Professor Basri is passionate about science education, and encouraging the participation of minorities in science. He has served since 1998 on the Board of the Chabot Space and Science Center, and as a Board Member for the “I Have a Dream, Oakland” Foundation for a decade. In 2007 he was selected by Chancellor Birgeneau after a national search as the founding Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion at Berkeley. You can watch the video of his talk by clicking on the image below.

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