Science Lecture February 15 – Moon landing night

Science at Cal Lecture Series

The 4 P’s—how a simple plan took me to Mission Control on Moon Landing Night and can make your dreams come true, too

with Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz

Saturday February 15, 2020 at 11:00 AM
131 Campbell Hall, UC Berkeley
Campbell Hall is on Upper campus. If coming by BART, allow 15-20 minutes to walk up the hill from our usual venues. Seating is limited, arrive early for a good seat. Accessible parking spaces are available on University Drive near Campbell Hall.
Imagine being at Mission Control on the night of the Moon Landing?  Or being a guest on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show introducing the Space Shuttle to the American people?  Imagine NASA asking you to spy on it’s leading Shuttle contractor only later to be spied upon by the KGB?  Imagine being personal and professional friends with astronauts only to see them perish before your eyes in spacecraft you helped build?  Imagine writing an expose about the dangerous shortcomings of NASA that becomes the subject of Congressional oversight?  And imagine taking on the hierarchy of NASA, Congress and the White House in a desperate fight to save the U.S. Space Shuttle from being retired and carted off to museums before its time? These are just some of the experiences of NASA insider and visionary Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz, author, UC Berkeley professor, spacesuit designer and 40 year space program veteran.    
Apollo 11 Mission Control

Apollo 11 Mission Control

Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz

Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz

Lawrence Kuznetz Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz’ long career with  NASA spanned the Apollo, Skylab, space shuttle and international space station programs, during which he was on Console at mission control, helped build the first space shuttle Columbia, was a life science manager for the shuttle and ISS human research program, and pioneered the hypernet paradigm, a new methodology in STEM education. He has authored 6 books, including a novel, a spacesuit users manual for kids from 9 to 90 and a nonfiction and has published over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals on topics ranging from automatic control of human thermal comfort in spacesuits, the existence and stability of water on Mars, and the hunt for life on Mars  He has 8 US patents and is currently designing a Mars spacesuit.  

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  1. Ron Paulos says:

    Do you have to be a student of UC Berkeley to attend?

    • Katie bertsche says:

      Nope! Everyone is welcome to attend all of our events.

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