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October’s Science Cafe

Dr. Yu Zeng presents “Adventures in Flight with Mini-wings”

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cafe Valparaiso, 1403 Solano Ave., Albany, California 94706

Stick Insect Flight

Stick Insect Flight

Description of the talk:
Dr. Yu Zeng studies biomechanics and evolution of flight and controlled aerial behaviors in stick insects. He will share stories behind the research projects with photographs and videos.

The Flight UC Berkeley Animal Flight Laborator works on the biomechanics, energetics, and evolution of animal flight. We use a combination of field and laboratory methods to study flight performance in a broad diversity of taxa, including insects, hummingbirds, and various gliding vertebrates. Most studies are embedded explicitly within phylogenetic contexts to understand both evolutionary origins and subsequent diversification of flight-related morphology and performance.

Dr. Zeng’s Bio:
Yu recently received his PhD at Dept. of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley. Over the past 7 years, he conducted field and laboratory works to answer questions about flight evolution in insects.

Stick insect - Tiny Wings

Stick insect – Tiny Wings

Upcoming Talks:

  • November 5th, 2014 — Dr. Whendee Silver, expert in ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, Professor in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management, UC Berkeley.

  • December 3rd, 2014 — Katherine Wilkin, graduate student in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management. Presenting on California’s fire history and future with climate change.

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East Bay Science Cafe is held the first Wednesday of every month in Cafe Valparaiso on Solano Avenue in Albany from 7 to 9pm. 1403 Solano Ave., Albany, California 94706

This cafe is an informal forum for discussing interesting and relevant scientific issues. The goal is to encourage public engagement with science by inviting members of the scientific community to present topics for a casual evening of conversation. Cafes may vary in length and format depending upon the speaker and the topic. Audience questions are encouraged both during and after!

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