Brought to you by UC Berkeley’s Science at Cal and Berkeley Lab’s Government & Community Relations Office, “Midday Science Cafe” is a new virtual series that highlights compelling and complementary scientific research from both institutions. Grab your lunch and join us for some great science and discussion. Questions are encouraged!

Upcoming Event:

Expanding the Frontiers of Biofuels: Algae’s Rise as an Alternative Energy Source

Thursday, November 19th, 12 – 1:30 pm

Algae are more than just the gooey stuff at the bottom of your fish tank. Algae can be used as a sustainable alternative energy source. At this Midday Science Cafe, you’ll learn how studying the regulation of photosynthesis and metabolism of algae — the process and rate at which sunlight and carbon is used to produce energy — can help provide green strategies for biofuels and bioproducts. In addition, you’ll learn how scientists use genome sequencing to characterize algae and select for traits ideal for bioenergy and biotech applications. Learn more! Webinars will be recorded. If you require captioning to access a pre-recorded event, please contact Dione Rossiter at Please expect 7-10 days for captioning to be provided. Photo Credit: Dr. Tisza Bell
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