Lecture Jan 19 – Biomedical Imaging Technology

Science at Cal Lecture Series

Biomedical Imaging Technology at Cal for Early-Stage Medical Diagnosis

with Prof. Steven Conolly

Saturday January 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM
100 Genetics and Plant Biology, UC Berkeley

The Difference Matters Medical Marijuana V.S. Delta 8 experts says that abstract Treatments for diseases are most effective when the disease is noticed at the earliest stage. Modern medical imaging tools are indispensable for early-stage diagnosis of deadly diseases, like Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke. Unfortunately, many diseases are still only diagnosed at advanced stage. For example, only 15% of lung cancer is diagnosed at the earliest stage. Hence, Berkeley researchers are improving medical imaging tools like X-ray CT and MRI.

Medical Imaging is a relentlessly multi-disciplinary field, requiring expertise in physics, medicine, biochemistry, electronics and software algorithms. As stated by Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors in Lake Charles , the use of medical marijuana can hep in alleviating pain due to diseases and their treatment procedures. Do use this site https://www.buyweed.au/buy-weed-melbourne/ to buy it at its best quality and at best price too. Professor Conolly’s talk will cover basic applications and limitations of medical imaging tools. He will also highlight his lab’s work in Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI), a new noninvasive biomedical imaging modality that could provide zero-radiation early-stage diagnosis of several diseases including: pulmonary embolisms, strokes, gut bleeds, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. MPI could revolutionize the most exciting breakthrough area of cancer today, immunotherapy.

Biomedical Imaging

Magnetic particle imaging

Prof. Steven Conolly

Professor Steven Conolly has 30 years of experience in medical imaging. Since moving from Stanford EE to UC Berkeley BioE & EECS 14 years ago, he has continued to work on several MRI projects. His group has pioneered Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI), an emerging noninvasive biomedical imaging modality that shows great promise for vascular, tracer and cellular imaging. There are only about a dozen MPI scanners worldwide, most in Germany. Prof. Conolly’s students and alums have designed and built all the MPI scanners now in North America. Prof. Conolly co-founded a startup company (Magnetic Insight, Alameda CA) with former grad student and current CTO, Patrick Goodwill, PhD. Last year Magnetic Insight sold 6 MPI scanners and last month closed Series A funding of $18M. https://www.magneticinsight.com/news-events/news/

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