Science Lecture March 21 – Geometry and Symmetry

Science at Cal Lecture Series

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates:

All Science at Cal March events are postponed.

Based on local, national, and global public health recommendations shift to include mitigation of transmission, the campus is proactively taking steps that will help to protect the community. A decision on what will happen beyond March will occur at a later date, based on the latest coronavirus information at that time.

The Power and beauty of geometry and symmetry

with Prof. Carlo H. Séquin


100 Genetics and Plant Biology, UC Berkeley

In this talk, we will leave the world of natural objects and look at the science of man-made artifacts and systems.  Prof. Séquin will introduce the notion of “mathematical seeing” and clarify the concept of “symmetry,” and will discuss regular polyhedra, like the Platonic solids, including a glimpse into the 4th dimension.  The presentation will conclude with a description of some abstract geometrical sculptures (some of which can be found on our campus) and which were inspired by mathematical visualization models.
Art, science & mathematics of symmetry

The art, science and math of symmetry

Prof. Carlo H. Séquin

Carlo H. Séquin Carlo H. Séquin has been a professor in the EECS department at UC Berkeley since 1977. His teaching and research have focused on computer-aided modeling and design. For the last three decades his work has been focused on computer graphics, geometric modeling, mathematical visualizations, and on the development of computer-aided design (CAD) tools for circuit designers, mechanical engineers, and architects. He has actively participated in the design of four buildings on the Berkeley campus. In collaboration with a few sculptors of abstract geometric art, Séquin has found yet another domain where the use of CAD tools can enhance creative output.  
To address questions arising from the recent news of coronavirus, we will hold Science at Cal events as planned, barring any change in guidance from the University. The UC Berkeley University Health Services shared a recent health advisory update and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers tips for preventing infection. The California Department of Public Health is not recommending the cancellation of public events at this time. We continue to monitor the situation and the latest University CDC guidance. We will post any cancellations, changes in schedule, or event livestream options here. Be well!

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