June 7 Cafe – Science of the Superbloom

Why California plants are so diverse, unique, and mysterious…

with Isaac Marck

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Restaurant Valparaiso

1403 Solano Ave, Albany, CA

 7:00 pm

The California Floristic Province, with a Mediterranean climate and diverse habitats, is home to numerous endemic plant species and is one of the world’s important botanical hotspots. Isaac Marck will discuss the diverse groups, geographical oddities, and ongoing botanical exploration in the California Floristic Province.
Exploring the California Flora

Exploring the California Flora


Isaac Marck

Isaac Marck is a graduate student in the Baldwin Lab, based in the University and Jepson Herbaria in the department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. He researches Perityle, an understudied and under-appreciated ephemeral plant, more commonly known as rock daisies.  

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