January 26, 2018 – Spidey Senses and Sensibility

Grounds for Science

with Benji Kessler

Friday, January 26th at 6:30 PM at Scarlet City Espresso Bar

A spider’s point of view

The way you sense the world around you is very different from how the spider on the web on your porch experiences its world. In fact, the senses used by that spider on the web are very different from the senses of the jumping spider hopping around your garden. At this month’s event, Benji will tell us how he uses jumping spiders to explore why different animals have different sensory toolkits and what they are actually using these senses for.

Jumping Spider

How do spiders hunt for food or find a mate?

Benji Kessler

Benji Kessler was born and raised in the bay area and is currently a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley studying the courtship behavior and sensory systems of jumping spiders. He has hazel eyes, does stand-up in his free time, and will write you a limerick if you want one!

Comment to “January 26, 2018 – Spidey Senses and Sensibility

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in attending this presentation and want to know if tickets are required. I was just going to show up but then went to the Facebook website of the espresso bar and saw a link for tickets. What do I need to do to RSVP?
    Also, I have a spider-loving 7 year old son. Would this talk hold his interest or shall I just bring a lot of quarters along for pinball and some cash for empanadas and a cookie? Either way is fine for me!
    Any guidance is appreciated.
    Looking forward to the presentation!
    (PS- I found this talk by meandering through links from the ScienceSmooze mailing.)

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