Flat Stanley Visits Lupe the Mammoth

Lupe the Mammoth at the UC Museum of Paleontology

I come from Miss Chace’s 2nd grade class at Havens Elementary School, and I visited the UC Museum of Peleontology to meet Lupe, a young Columbian Mammoth that used to live in California 12,000 years ago. Back then, mammoths like Lupe lived through out California with other mammals that are now extinct, like Saber Tooth Tigers. Fossils of Lupe were found in 2005 on the riverbank of the Guadalupe River in San Jose. Here I am with Lupe’s skull.
Look at her tusks and her teeth. Her teeth look like the sole of a shoe. She used her teeth to grind up grasses and sedges to eat. Here I am with other fossils of Lupe. Paleontologists found some of her toe bones, part of her arm bone, her leg bone and her pelvis. They are working to put the fossils back together so they can study her and then she will be on display in the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum where you can learn more about her!