Flat Stanley Explores The Biological Imaging Facility

The Biological Imaging Facility at UC Berkeley

Denise Schichnes

Allegra da Silva

Ya Cui

Ray Schmidt

My first Cal science adventure was at the Biological Imaging Facility in the College of Natural Resources. Here they have many microscopes that are used by scientists from all over campus for their research. In science, it is very important to share what you have learned with others. In picture 1, I helped Denise teach a class in confocal microscopy to a group of scientists who will use this microscope to study fruit fly chromosomes. In picture 2, I learned how to measure very small amounts of liquid (smaller than a drop) with Allegra. Allegra is studying how to make affordable and clean drinking water. In picture 3, Ya is teaching me about tiny bacteria that cause disease in plants. In picture 4, Ray is showing me how proteins affect cell shape. I got to learn about many projects, from archeology and architecture, to engineering and biology, and how beautiful the microscopic world can be. If you would like to see some pictures of very tiny things, check out the Biological Imaging Facility website at http://microscopy.berkeley.edu!