Feb 16 Lecture – Is anybody out there?

Science at Cal Lecture Series

Is Anybody Out There?

with Dr. Dan Werthimer

Saturday February 16, 2019 at 11:00 AM
131 Campbell Hall,  UC Berkeley
Campbell Hall is on Upper campus. If coming by BART, allow 15-20 minutes to walk up the hill from our usual venues. Nearby public parking is available in the Upper Hearst Structure on Hearst and Gayley. Accessible spaces are available on University Drive near Campbell Hall.
Are Fast Radio Bursts signals from ET? Or are they signals from magnetars? Is `Oumuamua an alien space ship? Or is it a rock from another solar system? Are we alone in the universe? Current and future SETI projects may provide an answer. Berkeley SETI Research Center chief scientist Dan Werthimer will describe the rationale for past and future searches and will show how new technologies are revolutionizing SETI. Dan will describe the 100 million dollar Breakthrough Listen project, SETI@home, SETI on FAST (the world’s largest telescope), the new PANOSETI all-sky-all-the-time project, as well as concepts for future SETI.

An artist's depiction of the interstellar object now called 'Oumuamua. Credit: M. Kornmesser/ESO


Dan Werthimer

Dan Werthimer specializes in signal processing for radio astronomy. He has been doing SETI since 1979, and he runs the SERENDIP, Optical SETI, and CASPER projects. Dan dabbles in jazz piano, and lives in Berkeley with his wife and son, William.

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