Understanding the Nature of Dark Energy

Thursday, February 18th  |  12:00 – 1:30 PM

Dr. Claire Poppett

Research Physicist

Space Sciences Lab

UC Berkeley

Dr. Emmanuel Schaan

Chamberlain Postdoctoral Fellow

Berkeley Lab

68% of the universe is made up of dark energy. We can’t see it, so how do we study it? In this Midday Science Cafe, you’ll hear from two researchers on a quest to understand the properties of dark energy and how to measure it. Dr. Emmanuel Schaan will discuss gravitational lensing, the deflection of light by mass that helps scientists understand the properties of dark energy. Dr. Claire Poppett will explain how a powerful instrument — the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) — has embarked on an ambitious survey to explore the nature of dark energy by studying light emitted from celestial bodies.

Dr. Claire Poppett

Dr. Claire Poppett is a researcher in astrophysics at the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory who specializes in Astronomical Instrumentation. She is particularly motivated to research and develop new technical solutions that are necessary to build the next generation of astronomical instruments. Claire studied at Durham University in the UK before moving to Berkeley, CA. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, climbing, and any other activity that involves being outside, especially when it includes being with her two young children.

Dr. Emmanuel Schaan

Dr. Emmanuel Schaan is a researcher in astrophysics at Berkeley Lab. As a cosmologist, he studies the composition and history of the Universe, by analyzing data from large telescopes in the US, Chile and space. His goal is to learn about the nature of dark matter, dark energy and the masses of the neutrinos by using the Universe as a laboratory. His work focuses on the cosmic microwave background, the earliest light visible after the Big Bang, and the large-scale distribution of galaxies. Emmanuel grew up in Paris, France before moving to Princeton, NJ and Berkeley, CA. He loves sailing, tinkering, electronics and DIY projects. Besides being technically a professional astrophysicist, he is also an aspiring amateur astronomer. More here: https://eschaan.lbl.gov/home
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