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  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
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Science@Cal thanks the following Cal staff, students and faculty for contributing text to introduce the spotlighted topics:

  • Process and Nature of Science (January): Judy Scotchmoor, UC Museum of Paleontology and Rachel Winheld, Experimental Cosmology Group
  • Evolution (February): Judy Scotchmoor, UC Museum of Paleontology
  • Physics and Technology (March): Maria Hjelm and Carol Dudley, Department of Physics
  • Energy Resources (April): Excerpted from Energy at Berkeley, a UC Berkeley–Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory publication
  • Sustainability and the Environment (May): Jennifer Skene, UC Museum of Paleontology
  • The Ocean and Water (June): Craig Strang, Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Astronomy (July): Steven Stahler, Department of Astronomy
  • Weather and Climate (August): Norman Miller, Department of Geography and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Biodiversity and Conservation (September): Bradley Balukjian, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management
  • Geosciences and Planet Earth (October): Peggy Hellweg and Jennifer Taggart, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
  • Chemistry (November): Camille Olufson and Mindy Rex, College of Chemistry
  • Science & Health (December): Michael Broder, School of Public Health