CEO Member Survey 2015

Coalition for Education & Outreach—2015 Annual Member Survey CEO Membership Subscribers to CEO elist June, 2015: 264 (33% increase) Subscribers to CEO elist June, 2014: 198 Survey responses 2015 CEO survey: 16 responses (6% of elist subscribers) 2014 CEO survey: 27 responses (14% of elist subscribers) Meetings CEO meetings held in 2014/2015: 9, plus two networking events CEO meetings held in 2013/2014: 9 Profile of CEO survey respondents
  • Work in E&O full time 38%; part-time 19%; occasionally 44%
  • Work with: undergrads 63%, grads 44%, postdocs 7%, high school 44%, middle school 25%, elementary 13%, teachers 38%, informal educators 25%, general public 19%.
CEO’s usefulness to my work
  • 67% = very useful
  • 33% = useful
How does CEO benefit you?
  • Elist helped me disseminate & receive useful info (100%)
  • Expanded my professional network (88%)
  • Gave me a better understanding of E&O work & the larger E&O community (88%)
  • I collaborated or partnered with a CEO contact (63%)
  • Added to/broadened my professional skills (56%)
Most interesting/useful meetings of past year
  • Oct 2014-Understanding next-generation science standards with Linda Shore (10)
  • Feb 2015- Berkeley Research Development Office (10)
  • May 2015-Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay (10)
  • Mar 2015-What’s the big deal about broader impacts with Kaye Storm (9)
  • Dec 2014-Models of success: building and retaining diversity in STEM (8)
  • Nov 2014-Kris D. Gutiérrez, Professor of Language, Literacy & Culture, UCB Grad School of Education (8)
What topics would you like to see covered in future meetings?
  • Working with role models
  • Lessons learned from existing programs
  • More like these (offered this year)
  • The variety you always have is right on the mark. It might be interesting to hear about the BNHM programs e.g.: Citizen Science (Essig), Understanding Science Website series (UCMP), Undergrad and volunteer programs (MVZ); Public Programs/workshops (Herbarium) and opportunities associated with the Natural Reserve System.
  • I really find it useful when we have students speak about their journey in STEM. It would be great to have something on scholarships, fellowships or research projects that both help augment a students’ resume and provide some source of funding
  • Tying research endeavors at UCB to the greater community, using UCB to strengthen local high schools/middle schools
  • Professional development resources
  • More on recruitment/retention stuff (fac, staff, students)
  • EdTech; Maker Movement; Continued Covered of Equity; and of course how these and other topics relate back to funding; outreach strategies; strategies for partnering with industry
  • Working group/poster sessions where people can share what they’re working on and network with each other
  • I’d like to hear more from teachers about their needs, challenges, and how we could best work with them and their students. • Building connections between STEM and social sciences in education outreach
What do you like best about CEO?
  • Networking and finding out about changes on campus
  • Reinforces the campus (and dedicated individuals) commitment to doing this kind of work
  • The community; connecting to colleagues
  • Opportunity to meet folks from various departments/programs
  • The mission/focus
  • The people and mission
  • [CEO is] a resource that i need and i dont know a similar source
  • It’s great to learn about people working to extend the impact of university research to broader audiences
  • learning stuff “outside” my “real” work arena – CEO folks aren’t in my unit. Also, networking
  • (1) The meetings where useful information is disseminated (2) the community that is present
  • The network/having time to talk with others at the meetings
  • I enjoy getting together with people with similar interests to discuss interesting topics in science education and outreach. I have learned a lot through the meetings themselves and through other talks and opportunities that I heard about through the list. I have also expanded my professional network through all of these activities
  • Opportunity to build relationships and share information, learn what others are doing
How can we improve CEO?
  • Continue to work on bringing in grad and professional students
  • I don’t have anything to add here
  • I would like to see this group formalize and expand by seeking and getting funding to run CEO. In this way, the organization will be able to have broader more sustainable impact
  • More professional development focus and workshops which could help many different constituents
  • Just getting the word out more and making it clear from the website and emails (which may get forwarded) that anyone can join who has an interest this area.
Comments on CEO networking events and how to make them more useful
  • Consider a social at Celia’s in Northside. CEO supplies snacks, nachos; guests buy our own drinks
  • Yes, and invite higher ups at UC Berkeley to mingle, make presentations (Science@Cal has always been good at this)
  • Set aside half of one meeting for everyone’s ‘elevator pitch’ but then keep introductions short at other meetings
  • Perhaps invite some core faculty to come and meet the E&O community (e.g. a mix of Deans, and faculty heavily involved in outreach)
  • I know this is a completely voluntary group; however if we knew ahead of time some of the folks that would be in attendance. For example the steering committee can personally invite two folks from various departments/groups that might be of interest
  • I actually think 2 (networking events) is the right amount. I think these should be held on UCB campus
  • Creating networking opportunities by starting with an “elevator pitch” workshop and training on effective networking
  • 2 is good, 3 would be fine also!
  • Oh, I guess I missed these! Yes please!!
  • Yes. Maybe just allow more time after a regular meeting
  • I was not able to attend, but believe these are useful and would try to attend in the future.
CEO newsletter (CEO Updates): Are you aware of it? Do you find it useful?
  • Yes, very useful
  • Yes, several items that I wouldn’t notice otherwise have been in the update messages
  • Yes. I like receiving it and it would be great for it to continue
  • Yes, very pertinent and useful. Thank you
  • Yes. I find the updates useful. Like all updates of this kind, much of it doesn’t apply to me. But, when there is something that applies it is very important/useful
  • Yes, I look forward to the CEO newsletter
  • Yes, very useful
  • yes and yes and I have contributed and often find something useful to read. Ideally, it would be preserved somehow – maybe as a blog or something. This of course means work for someone
  • Yes, it is a great recapping of information that is both timely and useful. I use it for information
  • Yes I’ve enjoyed skimming through the headlines and reading in depth when possible
  • Yes – it’s great! It’s a handy way to keep on top of relevant literature and events and opportunities
  • Very helpful! Thanks!