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Image and Inquiry: Feb 25 Beyond the Singularity: The Search for Extraterrestrial Technologies

Science@Cal presents a new series of conversations and events on Image and Inquiry
Image and Inquiry

Beyond the Singularity: The Search for Extraterrestrial Technologies

Andrew Siemion & Dan Werthimer

SETI at UC Berkeley

Let’s talk about the truth that’s out there…

Wednesday, Feb 25

6-8 pm
Scarlet City Coffee

3960 Adeline Street

Emeryville, CA 94608
Are we alone? For millennia, humanity has pondered their place in the cosmos
and asked this question. For the first time in our history, the answer may be
within our grasp.

Square Kilometer Array

Square Kilometer Array

Over beer, wine, espresso…whatever…join Dr. Andrew Siemion (ASTRON –
Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy) and Dr. Dan Werthimer (UC
Berkeley) to explore the history of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
(SETI), the latest developments in the science of astrobiology that are informing
modern SETI and the prospects for dramatic advances in the field using the
latest generation of world-class telescopes, high-performance signal processing
and modern computing techniques.
By searching for other technologically-capable species, we are actually peering
far into our own future and studying how our own technological progression might
More about our SETI scientists…


Dr. Andew Siemion

Dr. Andrew Siemion

Andrew Siemion
Dr. Andrew Siemion is the Director of the UC Berkeley Center for SETI Research
and is jointly affiliated with The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy
(ASTRON) and Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands. Dr. Siemion’s
research interests include studies of time-variable celestial phenomena,
astronomical instrumentation and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
Dr. Siemion was a recipient of the Josephine De Kármán Fellowship for
Undergraduate Studies at UC Berkeley, the UC Berkeley Dorothea Klumpke
Roberts Prize for outstanding scholarship as an undergraduate major in
astrophysics and the UC Berkeley Mary Elizabeth Uhl Dissertation Prize for his
work on searches for exotic radio phenomena.  Dr. Siemion is an elected
member of the International Union of Radio Science and the International
Academy of Astronautics’ SETI Permanent Committee, and serves on the
Science@Cal Advisory Board, the Working Group for Cradle of Life and
Transient Science with the Square Kilometer Array and the Board of Directors of
the Foundation for Investing in Research on SETI Science and Technology


Dan Werthimer

Dan Werthimer

Dan Werthimer
Co-founder and chief scientist of the SETI@home project and
director of other UC Berkeley SETI searches at radio, infrared
and visible wavelengths, including the Search for Extra-
Terrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent
 (SERENDIP), Dan Werthimer is also the principal
investigator for the worldwide Collaboration for Astronomy Signal
Processing and Electronics Research (CASPER). He was
associate professor in the engineering and physics departments of San
Francisco State University and a visiting professor at Beijing Normal University,
the University of St. Charles in Marseille, Eotvos University in Budapest. His
father, Jerrold Werthimer, was Professor of Journalism at San Francisco State
University for many years.
Dan has taught courses at universities in Peru, Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia,
Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya. He has published numerous papers in the fields
of SETI, radio astronomy, instrumentation and science education; he is co-author
of “SETI 2020” and editor of “Astronomical and Biochemical Origins and the
Search for Life in the Universe”. Dan specializes in signal processing for radio
astronomy. He has been doing SETI since 1979, and he runs
the SERENDIPOptical SETI, and CASPER projects.