Grounds for Science is BACK at Cafenated Coffee Co!

Grounds for Science is a public science talk series that showcases exciting short talks on cutting-edge topics featuring UC Berkeley graduate students. If you are a graduate student excited to showcase your research, volunteer to give a Grounds for Science talk here.

Upcoming Grounds for Science Events:

Our Spring 2023 lineup will be announced in January! Stay tuned!

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Past Grounds for Science:

Click here to learn more about past Grounds for Science events, or click the videos below to watch recordings of past events.
To view more previous Grounds for Science recordings, visit our YouTube playlist.
“Working with Science at Cal was a great experience—I am very appreciative of the opportunity I had to workshop and practice my presentation with a patient, knowledgeable team. The COVID-19 pandemic really drove home the importance of science communication. I enjoyed learning how to best communicate my research findings to people outside my discipline, and I took away a lot of skills I know I’ll use in the future.”
Navya Pothamsetty, Graduate Student in Depts. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

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