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Science News at Cal

Because of constantly shrinking land area, the older islands have been losing bird, insect and plant species for millions of years [...]
Thu, Mar 16, 2017
Source: Cal Science News
UC Berkeley's Energy Biosciences Institute and Shell have entered into a five-year research agreement to spend up to $25 million over five years on fundamental research in the areas of global energy transition and new energy technology. [...]
Wed, Mar 15, 2017
Source: Cal Science News
Berkeley joins six other California universities to treat and repair craniofacial disease and damage. The consortium has been awarded $12 million by the NIH, part of a larger $24 million effort to develop strategies for treating craniofacial defects, which affect millions of Americans. [...]
Thu, Mar 09, 2017
Source: Cal Science News
UC Berkeley professor Arthur Middleton teamed up with a photographer and an artist to follow — and film — elk herds as they migrate over steep mountain passes and ford treacherous river crossings in Yellowstone [...]
Tue, Mar 07, 2017
Source: Cal Science News
Moore Foundation funding will boost study of epoch after first stars formed in the universe [...]
Mon, Mar 06, 2017
Source: Cal Science News
The study, published in the journal Science, indicates that changes in precipitation patterns influence natural selection worldwide [...]
Fri, Mar 03, 2017
Source: Cal Science News