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See what’s happening at Cal in Science and Engineering…

Physics for presidents, future and present
Roxanne Makasdjian talks to Professor Richard Muller about his thoughts on teaching at UC Berkeley and on what new President Barack Obama needs to know about physics to succeed in handling the world’s most pressing problems.
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Science Today: Synthetic Biology
“Imagine the ability to assemble biological components for the production of anti-cancer microbes, or a plant-based transportation fuel…”
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CITRIS: Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society
Meet CITRIS scientists, working to create information technology solutions for many of our most pressing social, environmental and healthcare problems.
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Looking for Good News in the Human Genome
Learn how Cal scientists have found a welcome reason to delve into your genetic heritage: to find the slight genetic flaws that can be fixed with remedies as simple as vitamin or mineral supplements.
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Engineers Harness Cell Phones for Medical Imaging
Boris Rubinsky, professor of mechanical engineering, tells how his team conceived and developed a new device that uses cellphones to make medical imaging much cheaper and more accessible to the poor.
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