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Grounds for Science – The Dark Matter of Physics Rap

Grounds for Science at the Juice Box

The Dark Matter of Physics Rap

with Thomas Mittiga

Friday, December 6, 2019
7:00 PM at Hip Hop Juice Box
3960 Adeline St, Emeryville


Rap is the language of the youth. Science is a way to expand truth. As the Genius of the Wu Tang Clan, GZA’s plan is to band his two muses through his new music. Enter Dark Matter: mad-sure to shatter the chatter that science-songs couldn’t be sadder. In this talk you’ll find the science behind the brilliant mind that writes the rhymes.

Thomas Mittiga

Thomas Mittiga

Annealed in the great furnaces of New York, this specimen exhibits a peculiar luster and versatility matched by the eclectic physics at the cusp of Atomic and Condensed Matter. Thomas Mittiga currently works on the diamond nanomagnetometry experiment at Berkeley.

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